Mohana & Aninda: Two Bangali Backpackers


Her: Planner & navigator. Picky eater. Proponent of bhaat-ghum, flânerie and queuing.

Him: Budget handler & food critic. Loves dogs and superheroes. On the lookout for sexy loos and free bhuri-bhoj.

We live 12.5 hrs apart in Corvallis, US and Calcutta, IN. One of us is a struggling grad student who spends her time planning imaginary itineraries and writing poetry; the other slogs in the IT industry and cools his frustration over platefuls of food cooked (mostly) with love. Between the two of us, we have worked as Content Developer, Social Media Strategist, Curriculum Reviewer and Faculty Consultant, Teaching Assistant for English Composition and Introduction to Poetry Writing, and Software Test Analyst.

We are advocates of slow travel and plan to explore India overland, unhurriedly and thoughtfully, in the next couple of years.

This blog explores our love for travel, tiffin and each other.