What is this blog about?

Exploring, the bengali way! And also share a laugh or two on odd Bengali quirks.

Why did you decide to travel?

Truth be told, the love of travel comes free with Bengali genes. We are romantics. We love the road and the feeling of waking up in new places. The thrill of accidentally stepping on the tail of a story or tumbling into a truly immersive experience keeps us hungering for life.

Bengali or Bangali, what’s the right word?

Bengali is the Anglicization of Bangali (বাঙালি). We are from West Bengal, a state in eastern India running from the Bay of Bengal all the way to the Himalayas along Bangladesh’s western border. We are known to have a penchant for food (we will take offence if you are already thinking fish and roshogolla), books and music, and debates. Join us for adda sessions on the comment sections.

Do you make meticulous plans or go where the road takes you?

It’s a tug-of-war between the two of us. One of us loves to plan meticulously and the other believes in spontaneity. We try to negotiate (read: argue in loud voices).

Do you have any set rules when you travel?

We can think of just two: eat local (spare us the once-a-week gorom bhaat aar macher-jhol / alu bhaja) and use local transport.

Do you accept freebies like sponsored trips and invitations for tasting delicious food, etc?

We do! Use this form to contact us.

Do you dream of becoming long-term travellers?

Of course but right now we do not have sufficient finances to jump-start such a venture. We hope that our short trips and this blog will serve as a springboard for our dreams of long-term travel. Between now and our target year to hit the road full-time, we are saving whatever we can from our day jobs and trying our hand in the world of freelancing. We invite writing assignments and freelance software code testing gigs too. Also, sponsorship.

I have a question about your blog and/or a destination. Where can I post my question?

Use this form to send us your questions.