Scalloped arches inside Tipu Sultan's Summer Palace
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How-to City: 36 hrs in Bangalore

The How-to City Series is for travellers on a tight budget (say, grad students like me!). Two Bangali Backpackers will choose a new city each time and draw up an itinerary packed with interesting, offbeat and fun things. Unlike other itineraries that are jammed with activities every hour or so, we offer you enough breathing space and also a bunch of options that might be of interest to you. Our aim is to keep the budget within $15/INR 1000.

Mavalli Tiffin Room, Basavanagudi | 8 AM

Start your day with breakfast at MTR, a Bangalore institution. It has nine branches around the city and we visited the one in Basavanagudi. Order the Masala Dosa (INR 78/$1.19) or the Rava Idli (INR 50/$0.76), both accompanied by tiny bowls of ghee, along with a tumbler of kaafi (INR 33/$0.5). You can request a visit to their kitchen if you are a fan of both end-product and process.

Masala Dosa at MTR, Basavanagudi

Masala Dosa at MTR, Basavanagudi

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